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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

a line giving the name of the writer of a story or article

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Czech Ambassador to Tehran Svatopluk Cumba voiced his country's willingness to invest in Iran's development projects by allocating a multi-million-dollar credit line for the same purpose.
Through the Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion, domestic firms have at their disposal several credit lines of about 50 million euros a year with a subsidized interest rate for purchasing equipment and machinery.
Syria's General Foreign Trade Organization is seeking to buy 150,000 metric tons of sugar, 50,000 metric tons of rice, 25,000 metric tons of flour and a range of other foods using the credit line from Iran, Reuters quoted traders as saying.
Banks increase college students' credit lines gradually when they consistently show financial stability.
The group opened one credit line worth RUB400m and another one worth RUB900m.
16 September 2011 - Russian electricity distribution company Lenenergo intends to draw four credit lines aggregating RUB3.
Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) has announced that it has enhanced its credit line to Israeli holding company Koor Industries.
firms to utilize their productivity advantages, but they can't get the credit lines to do just that.
Fundamental business problems, like undercharging, poor job cost accounting, or overdue receivables, are not good reasons to tap into a credit line.
A bank credit line (also called a revolving credit facility) is a working capital loan.
Attorney's Office and the Securities and Exchange Commission came one day after Computer Associates disclosed it had drawn $600 million from one credit line to pay off another, amid signs that it is having difficulty raising money through the debt markets.
Credit lines are used both as standby sources of credit and as support for the issuance of commercial paper.
The types of financial services used by small businesses can be grouped into the following broad categories: (1) liquid asset services, which are checking accounts and savings-type accounts, (2) credit lines, loans, and capital leases, which are lines of credit, mortgages, motor vehicle loans, equipment loans, capital leases, and miscellaneous loans, and (3) financial management services, which are transaction services, cash management services, credit-related services, brokerage services, and trust and pension services.
In general, NCB provides such credit lines to seasoned co-ops where at least 70 percent of the units are owner-occupied.
Our experience shows that analytically determining credit lines can boost revenue growth even in today's economy, and the CLO Starter Kit makes that easier than ever before.