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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

a line giving the name of the writer of a story or article

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350 million euros have already been provided from the European Investment Bank, which is the largest credit line ever approved to the country.
The tender says there must be a written declaration by the bidder to say they are fully briefed on the Iranian credit line agreement between Syria and Iran and that they accept all the contents of the terms and conditions," another European trader said.
The working capital credit line is in the amount of RMB 140 million (approximately US$ 22 million) and carries an interest rate of People's Bank of China Bench Mark Rate x 1.
Three additional questions identify how students would spend the credit lines and whether they adhere to their initial assertion concerning use of the credit line.
The company said that it has increased its credit line to Koor Industries by CHF500m.
Our solution has been to set up subsidiaries overseas with partners who can provide necessary credit lines and consequently move HQ operations offshore.
On Thursday, the company said it had planned to repay the credit line it had drawn upon with proceeds from a $1 billion planned bond offering.
As with liquid asset services, the use of credit lines, loans, and capital leases increased with firm size.
The Credit Line Optimization Starter Kit enables clients to take their TRIAD credit line increase strategies to the next level of performance, find opportunities for responsible profitable growth and control losses while making the best use of limited exposure.
Since 31 December last year when the agreement on the fourth credit line from the European Investment Bank was signed, the number of credit applications provided to the Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion (MBDR) has been on a steady rise.
As per the agreements for RUB 80 billion in credit lines concluded in December 2010, interest rates were reduced from 8.
The credit lines are to be provided to restore confidence in the European banking market.
78% credit enhancement for the Class B Notes, and the experience of HFC and its wholly owned subsidiaries in originating and servicing unsecured consumer credit lines.
Looking at 1988 originations alone, 63 percent were credit lines and 37 percent were closed-end loans.
Tech Data Corporation (NASDAQ:TECD) today expanded its financial services offering to include the recently launched IBM Flexible Credit, available through IBM Global Financing (IGF), which makes it easy for resellers to acquire credit lines of $100,000 to $500,000.