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a unit of academic credit

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In September 2014, the COD Board voted to roll back tuition by $4 per credit hour to $140 per credit hour for the spring 2015 semester.
78 more per credit hour, which comes to $293 for 30 hours.
33 to 1 ratio, meaning that faculty teach two or three clock hours to receive one credit hour of teaching workload.
Tuition, fees, transfer credit: $391 per credit hour plus $52 per term for part-time students.
An additional $7 a credit hour may not sound like much, but ``imagine taking 12 units,'' Martinez said.
Administrators said the net effect would not increase costs for students, but Salmony thought the total increase should be held to $10 per credit hour.
The new credit hour packages enable enterprises to take advantage of bulk discounts, while allowing for individuals to choose specific courses and focus areas.
Officials at Arkansas Northeastern College at Blytheville said its tuition will rise 2 percent in the fall semester to $49 per credit hour.
ly/liww3AH) the board voted Monday to raise tuition by $15 per credit hour--raising tuition for a student enrolled in 15 credit hours from $1,781.
The college's equipment/facility use fee will increase $1 per credit hour from $8 to $9.
the application fee will be waived -- the technology fee will be waived -- a $125 grant per credit hour for Master's degree students is offered (reduces the tuition rate to $515 per credit hour) -- an $84 tuition grant per credit hour for Doctoral students is offered (reduces the tuition rate to $756 per credit hour) -- all required books for the program of study, purchased through University of the Rockies' textbook partner, will be covered
A complete credit hour requirement sheet will be enclosed when your application is received.
Effective with the coming fall semester, the per credit hour charge for County residents will be $80.
0207 1 Credit Hour $15 Member $22 Non-member Gingival Health--Periodontal Assessment (NEW) An introduction to finding, locating, and assessing periodontal diseases.
The tuition increase raises the in-state rate for the 2012-13 academic year from $135 per credit hour to $140.
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