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an accounting entry acknowledging income or capital items

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Employee B and C authorize Company A to initiate this credit entry by providing their banking and routing numbers.
76) For instance, if a company (Originator) hires a payroll company (Third-Party Sender) to do its weekly payroll, the company would authorize the payroll company to complete two separate transactions: (1) to initiate an ACH debit entry from the company's account; and (2) to initiate an ACH credit entry to the employees' accounts.
We need to convert the credit entry to plant cost to its correct debit entry, so again the amount of $32,000 will be posted twice and the suspense account used to balance the entry as follows:
The debit entry needs to be made into a credit entry, so $380 will be posted twice and the suspense account used to balance the entry as follows: Cr Bank: 2 x $380 = $760.
The first credit entry that appears to be related to Malthus's salary as professor at the East India College occurs on July 28 1806--a credit of 250 [pounds sterling]--although there are some cash deposits prior to that date which could represent unspent balances of salaries.
The credit entry to "cash" in the balance sheet, a debit balance account, serves to reduce the debit balance in the cash account.
Trevor, whose swimming pools for schools company has banked with Barclays since 1968, had its cheques bounced and he was charged pounds 30 for each debit and credit entry.
The agency will erase the record of a flawed credit entry, con artists tell their victims.
The Dynax Beverage Distribution/400 is an interactive menu-driven system with individual interfaceable modes for: order entry, credit entry, inventory control, purchase orders, sales and cost analysis, credit approval and billing.
If the profit and loss account is hit by a debit, where does the credit entry go?