credit crunch

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a state in which there is a short supply of cash to lend to businesses and consumers and interest rates are high

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Over the past couple of weeks, we've been inundated with stories from amateur writers getting creative around this year's subject: "A Credit Crunch Christmas".
Waitrose said: "The credit crunch is transforming the way we shop and cook.
Speaking to union representatives from across the finance sector (5th December) in the North East, at Northern Rock's headquarters, Derek Simpson will say: "Finance workers across the North East are not the cause of the credit crunch and we will be doing everything in our power to ensure they do not become the victims.
uk, customers were asked if the credit crunch was affecting their flying habits.
Which would be a reasonable excuse were it not for the fact that most economists believe the credit crunch did not even begin until August last year, a full seven months after Hicks and Gillett bought Liverpool FC and a full five months after Gillett had pledged a spade would go into the park and work would get underway.
The financial credit crunch was caused by the banks not Labour; the clue is in the name, global financial credit crunch.
In a research report, the central bank said that foreign-owned bank branches in Britain helped to shrink loan books of banks by almost half at the height of the credit crunch.
The credit crunch badly affected every country's economy in the world.
The credit crunch has introduced toxic debt to the language - debt with a high risk of default - and quantitative easing - the pumping of new money into the national supply by a central bank.
Last year was linked to the credit crunch, the first time we have had such a crisis in the UK," he said.
The credit crunch is causing a surge in men who suffer with anorexia and other eating disorders, a leading Midland specialist has revealed.
THE stress of the credit crunch is causing a surge in "manorexia", a leading Birmingham specialist has revealed.
Lerner (pictured below) believes the credit crunch will not have a significant impact on the funds that will be made available.
SKINT Scots are being challenged to beat the credit crunch this weekend - by panning for gold at the country's highest village.
A MIDLAND charity which gives food parcels to the poor says the credit crunch had triggered a tenfold increase in people queuing up for handouts.
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