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an application for a line of credit

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Venable predicts the automation software could decrease the turnaround time on a credit application to under a week.
A lender willing to loan against the credits typically requires a security agreement granting the lender a security interest in the credit application, the credit certificate, and the proceeds.
Reaching a new milestone in its history, DealerTrack (NASDAQ: TRAK) announced the number of active lenders connected to the DealerTrack credit application network has exceeded 1,200 U.
Nearly a third of people who had a credit application turned down said they gave up applying after being rejected.
Recent changes to the UK Consumer Credit Act allow the use of digital certificates to sign credit applications online.
Rather than collecting company credit applications and financial statements in paper format, these institutions can obtain the same information in XBRL.
Information from new credit applications is proven to be an effective way to quickly locate and contact debtors.
Under the second program, the dealer has the lessee complete a credit application, but also obtains a credit report from an external credit bureau.
The US/UK-based information systems provider Experian has expanded its e-series range of web-enabled business solutions with e-customer, a new credit application processing service.
The system's embedded-commands feature draws on the database for key dealer information, as well as information relating to each discrete credit application.
Many companies either don't have a credit application for doing business with companies in different countries; or if they do, it's inadequate--one often developed for their domestic accounts.
Contract notice: Benefit study on the establishment of a research tax credit application.
RouteOne Canada's credit application management system allows automotive dealers to access finance sources, exchange credit application and decision information and perform various other functions online.
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