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Leach noted that if an unauthorized person opens a credit account in the name of a consumer and incurs debts, the consumer is not legally obligated to pay those debts.
It's no different than parents adding a child as a user to one of their accounts, the only difference is that we're doing this with several credit accounts for individuals to help them build their credit back up, say, from 500 to 700, so that they can qualify for a loan with a lower interest rate and save their home," explains Stearns.
The Government proposes legislation to allow banks and lenders to share data from 40 million private credit accounts, 33 million of which are bank current accounts, with the UK's credit reference agencies without the consent of individual account holders being needed.
In April 2005 the Bankruptcy Act was enacted, which contains several amendments to TILA, including provisions requiring new disclosures for open-end credit accounts.
Jodie Swallow, prosecuting, told how the defendant gave his brother's details and opened up a credit account with Liverpool Victoria.
Purchase a television 32" or larger between 1/31/10 - 2/6/10, and the 0% introductory APR applies to the purchase amount until September 2010; after that, for new credit accounts the APR will be a variable rate currently 23.
In terms of total number of credit accounts, banking sector registered a growth of 12.
We also investigate whether different patterns emerge when individuals in the sample are grouped by strength of credit history (credit history score range), depth of credit history (number of credit accounts in a credit record), and selected demographic characteristics (age, relative income of census tract of residence, and percentage of minorities in census tract of residence).
Home Depot also launched an advertising campaign that encourages consumers to open credit accounts with no payments and no interest for six months.
Primarily used for home improvement or debt consolidation, HELOC's account for 28% of consumer credit accounts according to a recent Home Equity Study conducted by the Consumer Bankers Association.
This effort will be undertaken in connection with the Board's periodic review of its regulations; an advance notice of proposed rulemaking is expected to be issued later this year under Regulation Z, focused on disclosures for open-end credit accounts.
Some athletes maintained credit accounts at the store, which they were able to reduce by trading in gear from the past two Rose Bowls, which would in turn be sold by the store.
owns a portfolio of patents that covers the automated processing and establishment of loans, financial accounts and credit accounts through an applicant-directed remote interface, such as a personal computer or terminal touch screen.
Some 300,000 customers who opened revolving credit accounts at Levitz's 35 California stores may be entitled to restitution, according to the company's settlement of a lawsuit filed by the state insurance commissioner and several district attorneys.
Along with being fiscally prudent, consumers should closely track their credit accounts and spending habits," added Danaher.