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easy to believe on the basis of available evidence

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Credibly is a Data Science-driven FinTech lending platform which improves the speed, cost, experience, and choice of capital to SMBs.
A FinTech lending platform, Credibly provides balance sheet, syndication, and off-balance sheet funding options to SMB's.
Added Patty Klingbiel, President of The Connell Group, "As science continues to change and unlock new diagnostic and treatment possibilities, our clients need research partners who can credibly explore customer needs whether they are in the operatory, exam room, laboratory, or waiting room.
It also praised the efforts of the press and media staff in disclosing news transparently and credibly, pointing out the great competence of the local press in highlighting national achievements and Bahrain's open and democratic climate.
Without a clear strategy to the post-military intervention period, a comprehensive war on ISIL would be less powerful and less credibly, he said.
SERIOUS questions raised by the claim that several murders were covered up by corrupt Scotland Yard detectives can only be answered credibly by an independent inquiry.
Jain has credibly taken an objective viewpoint on the gang, amply projected when the brother of one of the gang members commits an honour killing.
Berlin :Germany will accept a higher-than-permitted public deficit in France for this year if Paris can credibly show it will stick to European Union rules in 2014, the Spiegel newsweekly reported on Sunday.
The overwhelming consensus in the G20 is that eurozone should first credibly assess their solvency problems before the international community can step in," Mukherjee said.
People will be right to ask how these two firms can credibly continue to sell on the doorstep when their competitors have got the message that consumers don't like or value it.
Despite the over-familiarity of its once-trendy time-tripping plot structure, "96 Minutes" maintains a brisk pace and generates a satisfying degree of suspense with its credibly contrived tale of disparate lives forever changed by a violent carjacking.
AnE[degrees]bal FernEindez, Argentina's Cabinet Chief gave a speech during which he stressed the importance of media means in conveying the event credibly without change or confusion to deliver the truth for people.
The New York Times credibly reported that the US has convinced Israel that Iran needs at least one year to fashion a nuclear weapon.
About 5,000 priests and religious brothers have been identified as credibly accused of sexually violating minors.
Perhaps the most important and least recognized obstacle was the district's inability to credibly commit to Professional Pay.