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a kind of sideboard or buffet


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This auction will be conducted live only and feature Louis XV French furniture, bronze statues, French empire style credenzas, artwork, collectibles, lamps and much more.
Notebooks and other work-from-home equipment are in the credenza under the TV.
But for every mirrored credenza there's a broken heart--the inheritance that got away.
Jolson says the joinery is a key part of the built-in aspect of the project -- using credenzas to support artwork and objects, which also become practical items; joinery that becomes kitchen, that becomes furniture.
The credenza is a long flat-topped storage unit that has been in existence since the 19th century and was first used in the dining quarters of a king or nobleman who employed a food taster.
La critica delia religione riveste un'importanza particolare, in quanto consente a Leopardi di rivalutare la vita in terra, abbandonando la credenza in un mondo che nega il valore di quello degli uomini.
Sitting on a credenza is a fingernail-size photo of George Costanza, Steinbrenner s fictional long-suffering employee on Seinfeld.
Mrs Rolfe the cleaner has adopted the foetus position in the corner by the credenza, nursing a bottle of Jamie's Pine Nut Pickling Sherry and sobbing into the threadbare Wilton.
Assuming it is not an Ashley HomeStore delivery truck coming at it, the furniture industry appears to be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after one of the worst periods in the business since the invention of the credenza.
A media credenza with a 61 cm flat screen monitor opposite a two-seat divan creates a defined multimedia space at the entrance of the cabin.
When your bank is on the skids, it might be wise to forego that $87,783 area rug, $68,178 credenza, and $1,404 trashcan, but Thain actually came in under his $1.
As these failed initiatives ultimately subside and die, their residue surely does land on the senior leader's credenza.
lined up on the credenza when life was a Beaujolais, then laughed with
2 three-door credenza with integral waste bin for milling area.
The wet bar has a nickel sink, refrigerator, wine cooler and a built-in credenza.