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This company will be established as the one credentialing verification organization (CVO) in the state which all insurers and hospitals (any entity which credentials practitioners) must use for credentials verification;
Credentialing offers new non-traditional training to enhance individual's capabilities and improve force readiness through workforce initiatives.
Connie Frizzell, program manager for the Navy Credentialing Program and commanding officer for the Center for Information Dominance, said the new funding policy will enable more Sailors than ever to achieve their educational and professional goals.
Your office should be using this helpful tool to reduce the burden of the credentialing process.
Effective credentialing provides several advantages for a managed care company, including risk management, accreditation and immunity from provider lawsuits, according to Margolis.
Importantly, the final credentialing decisions rest with the governing body.
Perhaps the issue most threatening to the profession's continued growth is fragmentation in the areas of title transition, professional preparation, credentialing, and professional associations, which could prove harmful to the professional identity and the attainment of greater status for rehabilitation counseling as a profession.
The Credentialing and Privileges Manual is a unique and important resource designed to assist hospitals, health plans and medical groups in the design and implementation of exemplary credentialing and privileging programs for physician and non-physician clinical practitioners.
The two-year alternative credentialing program is offered tuition- free to those who qualified, along with whatever needed books and materials.
The ASP model streamlines the enrollment and credentialing process of Profile Manager by aggregating multiple customer touch points into a single consolidated entry point for member enrollment, credential issuance, administration and support.
The URAC Board of Directors has approved a series of modifications to URAC's credentialing requirements for accreditation.
This credentialing will eliminate the need for Northrop Grumman employees to have multiple digital credentials, reducing costs and risks to the company.
More CSUN graduates were issued teaching credentials than graduates from any other CSU campus, and more than from all eight UC campuses combined during the 2000-2001 fiscal year, according to the report by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
URAC, a leading health care accreditation organization, has released The Credentialing Guide, a new publication that explores the nation's health care provider credentialing processes.
has launched the completely redesigned version of one of their best selling resources, The Credentialing & Privileging Desk Reference (CPDR).