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of or relating to a creed


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That is, the churches that accept the credal definitions of the first three ecumenical councils (Nicaea I to Ephesus [431]) but that developed separately from the Council of Chalcedon (451).
I emphasize this because there are many influences tempting us to treat theology primarily as reflection on credal statements hammered out as communicative and protective vehicles of a more profound and original happening (God's self-communication and our response to it).
Rhetoric and transparency underpin its credal affirmation; clarity and profundity are combined.
Attending church doesn't necessarily mean taking on a lot of beliefs or credal statements: initially, it's just being in a room with fellow human beings in a neutral environment with a common purpose.
What emerges, he claims, is not "a syncretistic credal formulation," a marrying of Classical, Germanic, and Christian religious sentiment, but Grimm's belief in "the amazing continuity over time of the act of belief, hope, and love, the goodness of the human heart and its perversity, expressed" in these fairy tales (154).
However, the earl's unerring support for what Steven Ellis has termed the king's "Anglicising policy" would certainly suggest that he shared his master's predilection for a tolerant, credal Calvinism.
Barth stayed true to the double predestination of his credal origins.
But then you find words such as the above, or this credal statement: "One Lord, one baptism, and one God who is Father and Mother of all.
Most of this aspect of the dispute concerned the wording of the Mul Mantra, the "Basic Credal Statement" with which the scripture begins.
Despite her candor about gynocidal horrors, the degradation of the Earth, and the demoralizing of people, Walker introduces her book of essays on activism with a credal statement which is summed up thus:
In matters of doctrine - which are the credal summaries of the developing revelation of eternal mysteries - he has put himself in the position where he can no longer publicly countenance reasonable doubt or encourage legitimate alternative opinion.
The credal language concerning "the only begotten of the Father" has exactly this sense: the eternal nature of God, which enterprises and brings about all that we have historically in the person and the passion of Jesus.
The author argues for localism about credal assignments: the view that credal assignments are well-defined only relative to suitably constrained sets of possibilities.
years before our own Pre-Raphaelites), and whose physical and credal epicenter was Rome-based for the next five decades.
It is also in its narrator's American-Puritan origins--no less than in his effective conversion (below a conscious level) to a Catholic vision of things, of signs consubstantial with their referents--weirdly prophetic of the career of the young poet who crossed the Atlantic at roughly the date of its composition, and one of whose great themes as a mature critic was precisely that mutually sustaining separation of the credal and the aesthetic on which Ford's novel is premised.