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credibility among young fashionable urban individuals

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Sweet Cred recognises the drive and commitment of the UAE Government to ensure that the country continues to be the leading business destination in the world," said Al Hajj.
Seguidamente, el responsable de CRED da las recomendaciones necesarias a la madre y le entrega su carne y la fecha de la siguiente consulta.
La mision del CRED puede resumirse en los siguientes puntos:
Funding towards the street cred scheme comes from community group FROG (Future Regeneration of Grangetown) of which Oasis is an offshoot.
Sweet Cred is giving 10 lucky readers of The Grocer four boxes each.
Domeniile se intersecteaza, uneori se patrund, nu cred intr-o arta rupta de restul domeniilor de creativitate, aceleasi energii ne conduc si in matematica si in poezie.
The link that CRED provides between three different research hubs allows scientists to choose from a complete menu of investigative efforts in which they wish to collaborate, and the researchers are encouraged to move between the cores to work with other investigators and to bridge the campuses with extensive use of interactive video conferencing.
Hopefully he will convince youngsters that they can eat healthily, exercise regularly, keep off the cigarettes and still keep their street cred.
Operation Street Cred was launched throughout Wirral last year and included a code of conduct to let young people know what was expected.
CORPORATIONS DON'T get much more civic street cred than the Whole Foods grocery chain.
Investors fled assets with any cred it risks and sought safety in risk-free sovereign debt, especially U.
sources, the buyers are: The Center for Reproduction Law and Policy, the National Federation of Cred it Unions and Freedom House are among the first not-for-profit groups to take advantage of Industrial Development Agency bonds to finance the acquisition of their condos.
It's broader than "street smarts'--as I understand it, you can demonstrate street cred at a cocktail party--but if someone who's threatened by a gang of toughs bluffs his way out, he can definitely be said to have street cred.
DESIGN CRED It's easy to see how the softly flattened top and ridged, deep orange skin could have inspired Cinderella's carriage in Charles Perrauhlt's classic French fairy tale.
Sweet Cred has confirmed two-year deals with distributors across the GCC including Al Bahar Group in Kuwait, Balsharaf in Saudi Arabia, Federal Foods from the UAE & Qatar, and VMB Brothers in Bahrain.