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credibility among young fashionable urban individuals

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National Science Foundation provided to CRED and the MacArthur Foundation and the Linden Trust for Conservation provided to ecoAmerica.
Contract for school bus service, disabled people, cred and other activities.
It's a good way of gaining street cred, while not having to learn anything about football itself.
Shanghai CRED Real Estate's purchase of the 1,100 hectare (2,718 acre) Peppers Carrington resort - which includes a seaside golf course and vineyard - is the first significant Chinese investment in New Zealand's tourism sector.
Of the 373 disasters recorded last year, 22 were in China, 16 were in India and 14 were in the Philippines, CRED said.
Debarati Guha-Sapir, Director of CRED and Professor at University of Louvain, Brussels said "we need to act now and show results soon.
DESIGN CRED It's easy to see how the softly flattened top and ridged, deep orange skin could have inspired Cinderella's carriage in Charles Perrauhlt's classic French fairy tale.
For example, in 1980 CRED lists 148 reported natural disasters worldwide.
Data from CRED estimated that a further two billion people were affected by the catastrophes, which left a trail of destruction that cost in excess of 960 billion dollars.
Sweet Cred is also the exclusive Middle East distributor of famous football brands including AC Milan, Barcelona, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United.
Sweet Cred, a leading children's novelty confectionery brand based in UK, said it had clinched business deals worth over $9 million from the Middle East region during the fourth quarter of 2009.
Mind you, it might not do their street cred much good.
But, as a long-time chess player myself, it's good to see the game finally getting some street cred.
1) All carbon dioxide figures provided by CRed - the Carbon Reduction Programme.
We are trying to give the image of volunteering more street cred - and we want young people to tell us how to make volunteering more appealing to them.