creature comforts

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things that make you comfortable and at ease

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He finally completed A Grand Day Out and, with that in post-production, he made Creature Comforts as his contribution to a series of shorts called Lip Synch, matching animated zoo animals with a soundtrack of people talking about their homes.
Students participating in An Unsheltered Evening (spent) a night outside, without creature comforts like mobile devices," said NorQuest social work instructor Robert Marvin, in a news release.
When Nick Park joined Aardman Animations in 1985 and created Creature Comforts, the way was cleared for world domination by a cheese-loving Lancashire inventor and his uncannily clever pooch, Wallace & Gromit.
Jim is responsible for the slugs, the dog in the fez, the donkeys and the sleepy tortoise in Creature Comforts as well as much of the Shaun the Sheep series and the new Pirates feature film.
Boasting elegant streamlining and creature comforts galore, the A7 Sportback also delivers on every performance level too.
NO CREATURE COMFORTS When you awake on Christmas morn, Do you ever think of the battery hen's plight?
After her split from her husband, fashion editor Liz Jones decided to exchange creature comforts for living, breathing creatures, so she moved to a run-down farmhouse on Exmoor.
The 2009 Pursuit S 280 Sport combines hardcore fishing attributes--under-gunnel rod racks, twin insulated 29-gallon macerated fish boxes, transom bait prep station, rocket launchers, an optional 45-gallon livewell--with extensive creature comforts.
Pet attendants will travel with the animals making sure they have access to food and water and any other creature comforts needed.
Aardman Animations, based in Bristol, which also dreamed up Creature Comforts and The Wrong Trousers, confirmed that positions in all departments were "under consultation".
But that said, it's funny enough and Phoenix Night's Steve Edge steals the show as dad Terry - even if every time he turns to the camera with his cartoon-like mutt I feel like I'm watching Creature Comforts.
The campaign, produced by the team behind Creature Comforts, builds on the launch ad last month and will be followed up by a third burst featuring its chocolate digestives.
For viewers, the AtomFilms Web site (a 2007 Webby Award finalist) is a daily source of original web shows, animation, and short films -- from hit viral comedies like Possum Death Spree to Oscar(R)-winning classics like Creature Comforts.
They show up with too much baggage to carry, sometimes even with curling irons and creature comforts that need to be plugged in.
American Airlines is revamping the business-class sections on its long-haul jets, adding lie-flat seats and individual entertainment centers to better compete with carriers that already offer similar creature comforts.