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The last aspect, known as creative visualisation, is often used by sports people to achieve success in their field and does yield results, according to Dr Wood.
Some women have claimed to have had their creative visualisations come true," explained Tina.
Chris Davis, who is now studying for an MA at Teesside University after graduating in Creative Visualisation, won the inaugural Codeworks Creativity Prize for his work at Rothbury-based UK Haptics, which is developing a groundbreaking virtual reality training system for nurses.
No I don't have a magic wand but through creative visualisation you can achieve personal change in all aspects of your life.
Phil, who is originally from a small village near Wakefield, graduated from Teesside University seven years ago with a degree in creative visualisation.
The farmer's son, who graduated from Teesside with a BA in Creative Visualisation and an MSc in Multimedia Applications, runs his business from one of the University's business incubator units.
The workshops get underway on Wednesday when sessions will include creative visualisation, level design, character animation, acting for animators, sculpting for animation, writing, character development, character design, and animation writing.
After completing their courses - creative visualisation for Sara and Richard, and computer animation for Matt - they decided to go into business full-time.