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Attendees at the Society of Insurance Research workshop on Turning Creativity into Innovation learned that creative thinking is a skill and that use of the right techniques can enhance a firm's ability to use creative thinking to solve business problems.
17, 2009, with "Fresh-Squeezed Ideas: Creative Thinking for Communications Pros," featuring Dan Coleman, founder and president of Excelsior Learning and author of Bursts of Fresh-Squeezed Ideas.
Now, a new generation of software promises to put the computer on even more intimate terms with communicators, offering to jumpstart what is often thought to be one of the last quintessentially human functions creative thinking.
which is to be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, has caught the eye of many with the broad assumption that creative thinking stops individuals from advancing into leadership positions.
29): While Galanter and the 14 other City Council members see fit to subsidize a $2 billion corporation with public funds, where is their creative thinking for improving the dry lands throughout the city of Los Angeles.
The one common element in these stories is this: to reach a happy ending, creative thinking should be applied by both the owners/managers as well as the maintenance contractor.
The VICS Collaborative Commerce Achievement Awards honor outstanding creative thinking and leadership in conjunction with VICS and GS1 U.
They're hot, and C-K's passion for providing clients some of the best, most innovative 360-degree creative thinking is what drew me to the firm.
Unlike other PR firms, we employ a proven combination of market research and creative thinking to solve our clients' problems, relentlessly.
The Altova online product demos benefit from the same creative thinking and attention to detail that are applied to our product development," said Tim Hale, Director of Marketing for Altova.
It's great to be involved with creative thinking and we're proud to be a part of the Youth Division Showcase," stated Volcom's President and CEO Richard Woolcott.
Palisades offers clients the creative thinking, attentive service and adaptable efficiency that provide a serious alternative to today's mega-media agencies," said Dennler, noting the new firm's new identity features the fusing of 'MediaGroup' into one word, signifying the firm's integration and strong team orientation.
There is tremendous synergy in blending creative thinking and interactive planning into a seamless process," said Bruce Dennler, President and Chief Operating Officer of Palisades MediaGroup.
Nearly two thirds (63%) of IT and Telecoms staff taking part in a national study for Vauxhall say that a long working day hindered creative thinking and producing ideas to boost their company profits and score them points with their bosses.
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