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She was such a creative person - she designed her own clothes, travelled the world - she was so full of life.
Although the study clarified that it is not compulsory that a creative person will cheat or lie, there is a link that trying to be innovative can make people think about ethical loopholes, thus establishing an important correlation between creativity and immorality.
In addition [Sheikh Mohammed] is a decisive person and he's a creative person.
Possible Futures: Creative Thinking for the Speed of Life" is a guide for the creative person to help them stay creative in a world that seems out to crush it.
She's quite a creative person and likes her arts and crafts.
What's important is it's given me the opportunity for the first time in my radio career to be the creative person behind the project," he said.
I am so glad Ben was chosen to do this - we couldn't have had a better, more sympathetic and creative person.
As a naturally creative person, Angle Cowles wanted to start a business that could be a creative outlet as well as a source of income.
Those are the characteristics, I think, which make up a creative person and I have tried to combine them in the four.
The goal of each entry in this fascinating reference is to convey the impact the writer, photographer, thinker, or other creative person had on culture--as the editor puts it, the way their work influenced "how we see ourselves".
I am a very creative person, and I bind myself creating new ideas and projects all the time.
For a creative person starting out on a career, try not thinking about film or media or whatever.
Professor John Saunders, Head of Aston Business School, said: "I suggested Joan Armatrading because she is an individualistic and creative person who represents the elements we are so proud of here at Aston University.
The beauty is, as a creative person, you are off the hook.
I like coming up with creative ideas, although I don't think I'm the most creative person in the world, but I'm very practical and I'm able to work with people to see if we can solve problems together," Fascitelli said.
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