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At the time, I could see more of a career opportunity in this field but I have always had a passion for photography and creative imagery.
A touching tribute to his mother Craig Gallagher's slim volume Peaces (a play upon "pieces") contains a multiplicity of insightful epiphanies interlaced with refreshingly creative imagery.
This guide for teens shows them how to achieve their dreams using tools and exercises such as creative imagery, visualization and picture maps, and affirmation.
Customers looking for creative imagery can choose between rights-managed and royalty-free, while customers looking for editorial imagery can select from documentary, fine art, archival, current events, and entertainment categories.
Seal put together a press pack which included a product launch press release, key information fact sheet, case studies of people who have experienced the treatment first hand and creative imagery.
With an exacting attention to detail, Kees combines reality derived from photographs, memory and studies from life with creative imagery to convey his vision.
The storytelling sessions were designed to promote light physical activity and relaxation exercises, and to focus the residents' attention on creative imagery.
Kanegai exposed the teen to a world of creative imagery he never knew existed, Plamenig said.
While this alternative methodology of generating creative discoveries will not be found acceptable or functional for some, it does force the reader to stop and think about his current practices and the relationships between mental imagery, creative imagery, and the ability of individuals to sit down and consciously (or unconsciously for that matter) come up with new creative solutions.
Campaigns Defined by Marketing Channel: RichPromo allows retailers the ability to quickly and easily develop a campaign-specific landing page that is tailored to match the creative imagery and messaging of the campaign, complete with products that are eligible for the promotion.
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