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the literal belief in the account of Creation given in the Book of Genesis

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Beardsley's academic credentials are not in doubt, but his understanding of basic science is questionable: He expressed unequivocal support for teaching creationism during his unsuccessful 2010 bid to become the Republican nominee for governor.
Exceptionally well written and featuring a section of full color photography, "The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism" is especially commended to the attention of non-specialist general readers of all ages who are interested in countering Creationism mythologies and defending the scientific approach to the consideration of how life developed on planet earth.
Fildes said: "There are organisations attempting to penetrate schools to present creationism as an alternative to established science.
Consequently, the sole teaching of Evolution as being factual is as bigoted as the literal Creationism which it dogmatically seeks to oppose.
This was clearly shown on the BBC last week, when Professor Alice Roberts said creationism should be banned in school science lessons.
But only one, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, stopped short of endorsing creationism in the state's curriculum.
In 1987, a Supreme Court ruling said that teaching creationism violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution because it advanced a specific religion.
On the contrary, college students have diverse views of evolution, ranging from "young Earth" creationism to philosophical materialism.
Mr Coad said in October 2009 Tribune published an article which said the Foundation was imposing fundamentalist beliefs on children, who were being taught evolution was as much a "theory" as creationism and that everything was designed by a God creator as stated literally in Genesis.
Through this and previous surveys, Cotner and her colleagues have learned that 2 percent of students are taught creationism only, 22 percent are taught evolution and creationism, 14 are taught neither and 62 percent evolution only.
SOME people believe that beliefs such as creationism should be taught alongside evolution in school science lessons, a new survey has revealed.
CONTRARY to TR Manley (Voice of the North, July 21), I say congratulations to playwrights Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood for bringing to light how, in some state schools, creationism is taught as scientific fact.
In North America, however, this reconciliation has been under threat for several decades as resurgent hordes of fundamentalists and evangelicals committed to a literal reading of select Bible verses have proclaimed evolutionary biology anathema to Christian faith, and have thus exercised their political power to supplant science with a pseudo-scientific construct known, in its various guises, as creationism, creation science, young-earth creationism, and intelligent design.
The school board - pressured by individuals who believed the universe came into being as a result of creationism - ordered stickers be placed on the books warning readers evolution theory was not fact.
Three in 10 science teachers believe creationism should be taught in science lessons, according to a survey.