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  • verb

Synonyms for create

Synonyms for create

to form by artistic effort

Synonyms for create

make or cause to be or to become

bring into existence

pursue a creative activity

invest with a new title, office, or rank

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create by artistic means


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The group is developing transformative justice approaches to support survivors' healing and their safety, create community-based accountability and nurture the role of bystanders in the healing and accountability process.
In INDOPCO, the Court stated that business expenses with benefits extending beyond the current year might have to be capitalized, even if the expenditure does not create a separate and distinct asset.
263(a)-4, applicable to costs incurred to acquire or create intangibles, and Treas.
The obvious choice is to create a mirror image of the disk -- a starting place that gives you an exact copy of your disk on a CD, DVD, network drive or tape so that in the event of a hard disk failure, you can recreate exactly where you were the moment you made the backup.
Oleri, who plans to study graphic design in college, used Infini-D, a software program that is part of Eovia's Carrara Studio package, to create the 3D environment.
A high-speed, high-tech, consumer-oriented society creates over-consumption of natural resources and energy, and pollution in the air, in water systems, and on land.
1926: Harry Evans's The American Poor Farm and Its Inmates creates early public demand for reform.
This year, you'll be able to see it on many other floats that Phoenix creates, Lamb said.
Because good, proactive police work often creates exigencies, the legal issue is not simply whether the police created the exigency, but whether the police impermissibly created the exigency.
Data linking creates live data links between applications so the shared data can be updated, in real time, when data in either program change.
We built a backend system that creates a level playing field, rewarding all consumers regardless of skill.
This article analyzes each of these activities in light of the controlling case law to determine whether such "physical presence" in fact creates "substantial nexus," as it has been defined by the courts.
This creates the opportunity for teams like our own RKS Design to innovate one of those rare win-win solutions that simultaneously create manufacturing efficiencies and consumer benefits," he added.
Attendees will also see demonstrations of Create applications, including a robot that picks up clutter and one that creates designs on the floor.
the company creates the LifeGem in varying sizes and colors through a worldwide network of certified partners.