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a Malayan dagger with a wavy blade


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He saw open pasture country, intersected with wooded canons, descending to the south and west from his feet, crease on crease and roll on roll, from lower level to lower level, to the floor of Petaluma Valley, flat as a billiard-table, a cardboard affair, all patches and squares of geometrical regularity where the fat freeholds were farmed.
I--I should like to settle them with Eddy first, if you please,' said Rosa, plaiting the crease in her dress.
Nasal creases were graded as Grade 0-nothing, 1-line/small indentation, 2-less than 3 or 3-marked depression.
This relaxes the fibers making it easier to remove wrinkles and achieve sharper creases.
lfold a sheet of paper horizontally in the middle lwith the folded crease at the top, fold the top corners into the centre of the page, making diagonal creases lfold up the bottom edge - the top layer only - to cover the edge of your diagonal creases lturn the paper over and fold the two bottom outside edges part way to the centre of the paper lcheck if it fits your little one's head, and adjust to fit lfold the bottom edge and put it on their head You can both decorate it however you want - flowers, a pirate skull - let your imagination run wild.
As Protorez R resin concentration is increased, the appearances of both pad-dry-cured and flash-cured fabric samples were improved as compared to original fabric, however, mild creases were observed on flash-cured fabrics.
HVAC contractors intentionally score creases into the ducts to prevent flexing and stiffen the metal.
One key has been the evolution of written instructions that compress hundreds of creases into a single diagram.
We want to thank you for bringing up the creases on the uniform.
I am looking for fabrics which won't crease easily or hich the creases will drop out as I don't want to take an iron.
Steam is used in irons to penetrate fibers and knock out creases in fabric.
These creases begin to develop before you are even born .
The Karapandzic technique involves the creation of circumoral incisions involving the nasolabial and mental creases (figure 2).
Vertical LED taillights, stacked headlights and an egg crate grille became Cadillac's heritage cues, and were combined with lean forms intersected by sharp creases.
A short wave infra-red oven from Heraeus Noblelight is being used by Intier Automotive Interiors to remove any fabric creases which are produced during the manufacture of car door panels at its Bristol factory.