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Synonyms for creaseless

used especially of fabrics


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Each kit comes with two creaseless cream shadows and four long-wear powder shadows.
This public image, with its neatly made bed, creaseless sheets, and matching furniture contains no trace of sexuality or the materiality of the body; rather, it suppresses the private reality of the space that it represents.
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadowliner Eyeliner in Fahrenheit Fab (pounds 14) Soft cream metallic gold colour which gives plenty of bling for the party season.
But if you put your hand under the already straightened and creaseless duvet, you'd feel the vestigial warmth of a body's recent presence in the bed.
New technology delivers almost dry ink to creaseless paper and does so at high speed.
Mark Testo, 19, and Alex Ward, 16, work at Creaseless Ironing and Laundry on Roman Road.
These nostalgic qualities have given the posters a highly-prized status and railway anoraks, ex-holidaymakers and historians will pay good money to be able to frame a pristine, creaseless example and hang it above their mantelpieces.
Over a creaseless frock coat fresh from the hands of the pakeha tailor a Maori mat was thrown, and a belltopper surmounted the combination (ibid.