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the property of having the thickness of heavy cream


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In frozen dairy desserts, particularly reduced-fat products, it provides creaminess, enhances heat shock stability, and stabilizes the fine air cells.
A standard binding system consisting of agglomerates from native starch which cling together with lactose and maltose took the creaminess away from the soup and had a negative impact on taste and flavour.
Dairytrim, introduced in August 1993, is cohydrolized rice flour and oat flour that "gives you just the creaminess and flavor quality that you need in a dairy ingredient," says Russ Burk, Oatrim product manager.
Milk Link believe that Chocolate Creaminess is an important addition to the Moo portfolio as chocolate continues to dominate the flavoured milk market holding a 37% share and is growing by 6% year-on-year.
That explains why fat produces a touch sensation - creaminess - in the mouth.
The opacity and creaminess features make it well suited for application in fat-free dressings, mayonnaise, fat powders, soups, and sauces.
It will not affect the creaminess of products it is used in, but instead will complement and enhance their existing texture creating a rich and full bodied flavour.
An oaked blend from slow-ripened grapes, this '95 vintage has a creaminess with an oaky/lemon tang which is backed up by a pleasing grassy/cow byre aroma (honest
Miz Hot Tips lathered up, but found it missing the purity of the old Ivory and the creaminess of Dove.
Simplesse imparts the creaminess and mouthfeel normally supplied by the oil, and the salad dressing base imparts viscosity, cling, and body.
Capsul FP encapsulates and converts high volumes of fat to powder form via spray drying while maintaining optimum colour, creaminess and mouthfeel in finished products.
Dry, with mellow creaminess and a fruity aftertaste, it slips down a treat.
You also can replace sour cream with blender-whipped cottage cheese diluted to sour creaminess with a little water and lemon juice.
Creaminess, stability and shelf life are key elements to making high quality icecream.
Made by Carlsberg-Tetley and launched in the UK in 1996, Calder's Cream Ale combines the creaminess of a stout, the smoothness of a bitter and the refreshment of a lager, to create a real tastebud sensation