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puff filled with cream or custard


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Now, they have to make loans that look like cream-puff loans.
Those who turn up to titter at Sir Alan's jokes ("I know the lyrics to Candle In The Wind, but that doesn't make me Elton John") include a teacher, a pub manager, a "tough-cookie cream-puff from New York" (whatever that may be) and a woman with her mouth on upside-down.
Everyone was saying stuff about our cream-puff schedule.
Made from cream-puff dough, the large rings are easily shaped: pipe the dough onto pieces of foil, then slip the dough and foil into hot oil to fry the pastry (the foil slides free).
Forget about all the fluff, cream-puff antics and claims that we will do this and that if you stay.
Transfer 2-1/2 cups to a small bowl and fold in 1/3 cup custard sauce to make cream-puff filling; set aside.
I was always told not to schedule any cream-puff teams.
At the end of the regular season, the Ravens and the Giants were knocked for piling up their 12 wins against cream-puff schedules.
Besides simple cream puffs and eclairs, the dough is the foundation of lavish structures like the towering tree-shaped croquembouche held together with carmelized sugar, the crownlike dessert gateau Saint-Honore or the Paris-Brest, a cream filled cream-puff pastry ring.
I am desperately looking for a copycat recipe for bite-size cream-puff shells that are like the ones the Golden Nugget buffet in Las Vegas serves.
After surviving the rugged NFC playoffs, 49ers will enjoy a cream-puff AFC team.
The Wednesday Wars" begins with laugh-out-loud episodes involving cream-puffs, chalk dust, bullies and enormous rats.