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sweet carbonated drink flavored with vanilla

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The New York Times Ice Cream Soda article of July 6, 2011, brought me back to the tingling coldness of ice cream sodas and milkshakes made by using "fresh milk that is mixed with ice, making it much colder than refrigerator temperature.
Reading about frozen yogurt and ice cream sodas popping up on both coasts, it was great to learn that one of the emporiums, the Franklin Fountain, was 5 minutes from my home.
00 for ice cream sodas and $10 for most sundaes, may have him doing somersaults in his grave.
In addition to the new cream sodas, big things are afoot at 7-Eleven stores.
When Shaq tease-tweeted last month about teaming up with AriZona Beverages to create a line of cream soda drinks, his favorite soft drink as a child, the response was, well, huge - just like the big man himself.
CHICAGO, June 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- AriZona Beverages has teamed up with Shaquille O'Neal to launch an all-natural cream soda line.
OTCBB:REED) announced today that it plans to launch new diet versions of the Company's Virgil's Root Beer and Cream Sodas in the second quarter of 2007.
The new product launch will include diet versions of Virgil's Cream Soda, Black Cherry Cream Soda and Root Beer sweetened with Splenda.
June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- AriZona Beverages and Shaquille O'Neal are entering new territory with an all-natural line of cream sodas.
Soda Shaq tastes like the cream sodas that I remember as a kid in Brooklyn.
The days of soda jerks at drug store diners may be part of American history, but a new line of cream sodas offers a taste of the good old days.
Our new flavors have been tested against some of the most notable brands of cream soda and consumers rate our cream sodas the hands-down favorite," says Charles Gordon Jr.
Through the years, customers have savored the Sanders famous hot fudge cream puffs, ice cream sodas, ice cream toppings and chocolates.
The Gordon's Fine Cream Soda line is available in 12-ounce bottles.