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sweet carbonated drink flavored with vanilla

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Repeat with the rest of the fritters, adding cream soda and ice and wetting the cornstarch mixture to form a batter until all the vegetables have been used up and fried.
winery also makes its own old-fashioned small-batch soda in flavors like cream soda, black cherry, and root beer--all using real cane sugar.
Nose: Complex--yeasty, vanilla, caramel, eucalyptus, cream soda, toasted hazelnuts, white-pepper spice, sweet orange.
The green Ice Cream Soda stands out in face of various local and imported drinks as effectively as it did six decades ago.
Brown's Cream Soda," People magazine quoted Braunstein as saying.
And reader said Pam Wilkinson said: "I only need to think of the taste and smell of Ben Shaws cream soda and I think of going to the Albany Hall on Saturdays roller skating".
Purity's range includes lemonade, dandelion and burdock and cream soda.
The New York Times Ice Cream Soda article of July 6, 2011, brought me back to the tingling coldness of ice cream sodas and milkshakes made by using "fresh milk that is mixed with ice, making it much colder than refrigerator temperature.
The Merchandising Kit is complimentary to coffee shop operators and contains three 50-ml flavoring samples and 10 specialty drink recipe cards, including flavored whipped cream, Skinny Iced Creme Macchiato, Chilled Mango Chai, Strawberry Cream Soda and Caramel Toffee Frappe.
My reward, however, was to spend the halfpenny I was given at Ma's, the drinking establishment on the corner of Wellington Street, where a shot of American ice cream soda was served in a shot glass, or, to give it its correct name, an old Shippam's paste pot.
Scotland legend Kenny (right) used to get crates of Barr's American Cream Soda sent to his house in Liverpool after he moved there from Celtic in 1977.
The nine Zuberfizz labels include the original cream soda as well as a new cola, a popular root beer, and a pair of ginger ales that are the world's first sugar-free all-natural sodas.
Based on traditional recipes, the range of Real Lemonade, Cream Soda with a twist of Raspberry, Dandelion & Burdock and Ginger Beer takes you back to endless days of flying kites, climbing trees and picnics in the park.
But, on St Patrick's Day, members of the Fifth Ormskirk Brownies and dancers from the Murphy Brennan Academy of Irish Dance, Music and Song, were more than happy to drink the childfriendly brew which combined a scoop of ice cream and cream soda.
When it is delivered, however, his friend from work tastes the drink and declares, "This isn't a milkshake--it's an ice cream soda.