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The mini cream puffs have a European-style puff pastry surrounding a Bavarian cream filling.
5-ounce) boxes frozen Belgian Mini Cream Puffs (about 72 cream puffs)
Delizza's cream puffs and mini eclairs are filled with a high concentration of heavy cream, not the pudding some others use.
The Vanilla Cream Puffs are sold in the freezer section of grocery stores and are packaged in one of the following cartons:
Medium pastries include a custard-filled apple tart in a puff pastry crust (Jegat's favorite), tarts, cream puffs and tiramisu with a lady finger collar.
78 billion yen as many owners of its franchise shops discontinued their operations amid the lingering effects of the scandal, in which Fujiya sold cream puffs and other sweets whose ingredients were past their use-by dates.
The number of cakes and cream puffs which the plant shipped without confirming the number of bacteria in them during the May-September period of the same year totaled 25,000, it said.
BAKER Valentyn Shtefano from Uzhhorod, Ukraine, surprised his fiancAe when he told her he was making her wedding dress out of 1500 cream puffs.
Over cream puffs at a bakery in Hollywood, the transplanted New Yorker--who still doesn't drive after more than a decade in Los Angeles--talked about finding time to be literary while working as a TV mogul, a balancing act for which he credits success to his partner of 24 years, Gerry Bernardi, who Keenan says "manages our lives well enough so that I don't have to do anything but write.
Beard Papa hardly connotes sweets or, more specifically, cream puffs, but that's the name and logo (reminiscent of Santa Claus) for the Japanese pastry chain (Muginoho Inc.
These stores sold candy, fudge toppings, and baked goods, but were noted for their fountain counters that served an assortment of desserts including the popular ice cream sodas, sundaes and hot fudge cream puffs, as well as light lunches.
From Spicy Bean Soup; Bacon and Onion Quiche; Chile Con Carne; and Chicken Stir-Fry; to Ratatouille with Butter Bean Mash; Oven-Baked Salmon; Fluffy Lemon Cheesecake; and Raspberry Cream Puffs, each of the more than fifty delicious recipes are nicely laid out with easy-to-follow, illustrated, step-by-step instructions.
Such food facts and illustrations of everything from root beer to cream puffs were recently on display at Montgomery College's Visual Communications Technologies Gallery in Rockville, Md.
It can be used in cream puffs, shortbread slices, marbled loaf, croissants or Danish pastries, or used to create one's own special recipes.