cream puff

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puff filled with cream or custard


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So you can fill your cream puffs with the pastry cream.
Delightful and colorful trees created from French macarons, lemon Madeleines, and cream puffs will take center stage at any dessert table or reception.
Packaging is part of the appeal for Delizza Patisserie's cream puffs and mini eclairs.
The Osaka-based parent company, Muginoho, introduced its cream puff in 1999, and it has stores on the West and East coasts of US.
Based on the output as illustrated in Figure 1, the optimal solution suggested that Jemy's Bakery should produce 128units of muffins, 116units of cupcakes, 33units of brownies, 58units of cream puff, 112units of cheese tarts and 132units of egg tarts per day in order to optimize their production.
The patisserie styled pot contains four flavours Strawberry Cream, Raspberry Cream, Chocolate Cream Puff & Cream Tart.
For Valentine's Day, look for such specials as shrimp in a cognac sauce with puff pastry ($14), grilled filet mignon with duck mousse and a Madeira wine sauce ($27), a lamb steak and lamb chops mixed grill ($24), a duo of baked salmon and sea bass ($22) and a cream puff with fresh berries ($8) for dessert.
You might not expect a movie concerned with Stanley Kubrick to be a larky cream puff, but thanks to Malkovich, Color Me Kubrick is just that.
He makes / of me a dream house, a cream puff, / my rough-hewn timber smoothed.
Gloria lifted the world title after Cream Puff, of Texas, died at 37 in 2004.
It can also be used to make savory cheese puffs that can be made by mixing cheese into the cream puff dough before baking.
But in Mrs Malaprop, the pretentious aunt of over-romantic heroine Lydia Languish, Sheridan created one of the great comic characters, here wonderfully recreated by Stephanie Cole as a kind of powdered cream puff busily mangling the language with her fluent linguistic approximations.
His own successful compositions included Cream Puff, The Chant, Non-Stop Flight and later his Concerto for Clarinet.
These delectable recipes, ranging from the standard to the exotic, are irresistible: Tricolor Neapolitan Cookies, Chocolate Cream Puff Cookies, Cherry Nut Biscotti, Cinnamon Nut Rugelah, Raspberry Chocolate Chip Crackles, and Diced Rhubarb Cookies are just a few of the delights included here.