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remove from the surface

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When asked what he most desired that money can't buy, he replied: "I'm going to say what came into my mind here I'm imagining [Nicole] as a huge dinner plate and I want to eat ice cream off her.
I was the last one to sell ice cream off a horse and cart in Wales.
yes, that was Big Mo licking cream off Bobby Davro's chest.
No, all that was required was to cream off some of the profits by First Bus.
They decided it was cheaper to stop apprenticeships and cream off teenagers from college with only academic knowledge.
At a conference at Wellington College in Berkshire, Dr Seldon said: "It isn't right any longer for our schools to cream off the best pupils, the best teachers, the best facilities, the best results and the best university places.
The fact that these politicians have absolutely no scruples (like Bob Barr defending marriage after repeatedly leaving his numerous wives by committing adultery, and perjuring himself under oath about it while trying to impeach the President for it, and attacking abortion as murder while paying for at least one wife to have an abortion, or crusading for morality while being caught licking whipped cream off a stripper's nipples) and yet declaim themselves our moral police is simply mind-boggling.
Charter schools generally do not cream off brighter students.
My mother would skim the cream off the soured milk and store it until she had a quart jar of soured cream.
to boot German ice cream off the House of Commons menu.
He had the arrogance to cream off pounds 18million in pay and bonuses last year alone, despite the misery he was causing mortgage holders and small-business owners who were being crucified by bank rates.
Now private carriers cream off the lucrative business post and dump them on Royal Mail for delivery.
Why does the Government cream off a percentage of supposed profit from rents then give councils millions of pounds to update homes?