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Synonyms for creaky

Synonyms for creaky

worn and broken down by hard use

having a rasping or grating sound


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of or pertaining to arthritis

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Dave Matthews, Master of the Macabre at Stratford's Creaky Cauldron, said the zombie special marked the climax of their Halloween Festival and they were hoping lots of people would be turning up to join in the ghoulish fun, which starts at 6pm.
Users had grown increasingly disenchanted with eBay's creaky technology and mounting fees.
The setlist of dreary dirges and creaky rhythm and blues is obviously intended to rival Johnny Cash's stark recordings with studio svengali Rick Rubin but doesn't hold up, despite songs including Bob Dylan's What Good Am I, John Lee Hooker's Burning Hell and Billy Joe Shaver's If I Give My Soul.
Fans of the show have waited years for the second installment and the DVD release is expected to rekindle a cult love affair with that creaky yet sinister American town.
The fourth annual festival will take place at the Creaky Cauldron museum in Henley Street, reputedly one of the most haunted houses in the country, and is being organised by Black Letter Days, providers of the most authentic supernatural experiences in the UK.
Its unlikely heroine is an eccentric old witch whose creaky knees keep giving her away on her special holiday when she is supposed to tiptoe through town and scare each child (only as much as they want to be scared).
Waterhogs have dammed up the river cutting off the water to the pond, the rain has stopped and the sponges are dry and creaky.
COLDPLAY have denied stealing the melody for their track Viva La Vida from unknown American indie band Creaky Boards.
as a pillowcase, the heart a familiar creaky cavity.
These cottages have been updated somewhat in recent years, but still retain nearly all of their original charm--complete with creaky screen doors and wild rooster calls early each morning.
McGrady's back, and Houston's hopes for a dynasty, are creaky.
You don't need to be on the road to either Ireland nor disability in order to appreciate The Creaky Traveler in Ireland, which offers a set of travelogues blending history, culture and sightseeing opportunities for the older crowd.
The second title in the unique 'Creaky Traveler' series, "The Creaky Traveler in Ireland, Clare, Kerry, and West Cork: A Journey for the Mobile but Not Agile" by Warren Rovetch provides unique perspectives for "agility challenged" travelers to Southwestern Ireland.
It's probable that Berg's superiors brought out the creaky accusation because of the wording of her letter--specifically, her call for readers to "act forcefully to remove [the] government administration.
As someone approaching the midpoint in the marathon of life (aka, age 50), I still think of myself as a competitive athlete, albeit one with creaky joints and tendons and reduced flexibility.