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Synonyms for creakingly

in a creaky manner

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The CCP's tracings of the lines drawn by the score was as creakingly tentative as foreign language poetry, badly translated, or last-minute bomb disposal in a crowded room.
Pym said: "Customers are in creakingly recognizing the strength of our product range and our franchise is growing well.
But the increase of literacy coincided (if it was coincidence) with the point-by-point logic of Puritan sermons, the rise of scientific rationalism, and the creakingly systematic "Ramist" method of intellectual self-improvement.
Surely the wrenching horror of seeing our beloved Mal slowly, creakingly lowered into the dirt would jar loose real grief, creating enough intensity to commemorate the loss.
Charles de Gaulle II, in which the gates are strung out in strips, tries to give some sense of location, but at the expense of interminable journeys, either on foot or in maddening lift-jack buses which slowly and creakingly trundle about.
Efforts to fix City Hall elevators have been as creakingly slow and maddening as the elevators themselves, Los Angeles municipal employees and city officials say.
It was only as the sink creakingly gave way under my weight that I realised this wasn't my finest hour, and we had to leave el pronto that morning.
The creakingly wooden script is the filmic equivalent of a petrified forest.
But just like Freeman going back on the sauce it's all creakingly contrived with the writers ladling on twists simply because they can.
Hit and miss comic quickies with recurring characters of varying amusement, a mix of observation and total silliness, it ranges from the wickedly inspired to the creakingly embarrassing.
I wouldn't say my pug puppy Boris has been a man magnet exactly, but since he arrived three months ago, my totty-ometer has creakingly begun to clock up the hits again.