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Synonyms for creaky

Synonyms for creaky

worn and broken down by hard use

having a rasping or grating sound


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of or pertaining to arthritis

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But if you're new to the sport, be forewarned: Cross- country skiing exercises muscles in ways that few other fitness endeavors do, and it's easy to overdo it (the price for which is paid in creakiness a day or two later).
The tragic inevitability at which Steinbeck aimed is dimmed by the creakiness of the arrangments.
It has a cosy sitting area with an original Welsh black slate fireplace and had a creakiness about it that was comforting.
Despite the vividness of Elik as a character and a few scenes of wrenching intimacy between the lovers, All Souls Day is impaired by high-minded creakiness.
From David Jason's bad dye job to the toe-curling creakiness of the gags and plot lines, this was a huge Christmas disappointment.
FlexVoice also bests current technology, as the software makes it possible to create new voices from existing ones by adjusting some voice parameters, such as creakiness or breathiness, which have natural interpretations in this technology.