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Synonyms for creak

Synonyms for creak

a squeaking sound


Related Words

make a high-pitched, screeching noise

References in classic literature ?
only give it to me--and my boots shall creak like the golden Papa's, with a sense of the overpowering richness of the man who walks in them
Simon Creak makes an important contribution to the field by addressing the connection between sport, ideas of masculinity, and nationalism in Laos.
What you need to do is mix up 50/50 solution of PVA and water and pour this between the joint and leave for 24 hours - the solution will work itself into the joint and set, curing the creak.
Creak takes sports and physical activities as vantage points for the study of Lao nationalism since they "are among the most important strategies of substantialization through which abstractions such as the nation are materialized in everyday action" (p.
And it means the menacing noise - called the cauliflower creak - is expected to be the loudest for decades.
2 shook windows and caused walls to creak when it struck in the middle of the night in Kent.
I just slid under the car for a minute and that's when I heard the creak.
The Director of Mines, Kim Creak, today in the interest of informed public debate clarified the process to be followed in relation to Petragas Pty Ltd s application for an exploration licence in the Kempton region.
Have you ever climbed up high in a tree and stepped out on a sturdy looking limb, only to heat, it creak and then crack?
Listening to live audio in the shop, Culver heard a door creak and called a security guard to investigate.
Notice how nimble most of them are, bouncing into the store, fleet of foot with barely a creak of limb.
My water pipes creak every time I fill the tub, take a shower or run the dishwasher.
A creak in the night is as good as a security alarm costing thousands.
2 : to creak under a strain <The stairs groaned under his weight.
Floorboards still creak as the spaces inside are traversed, while its gloom contrasts with the luminescent daylit white space of the surrounding gallery.