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a patchwork quilt without a design

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The first crazy quilts were not intended for practical purposes; they were used as parlor throws.
My young fabric piecers began their crazy quilts on 9 x 9" (23 x 23 cm) squares of white drawing paper.
Crazy quilts can be started from a corner of the square or from the center; we used the comer technique most often.
Like it or not, last week's events - from gay festivals to religious marches, from crazy quilts to conservative politics - are an indication of the changes now occurring in Simi, as it moves out from under L.
A variety of stitchery and techniques are exhibited - charm quilts and crazy quilts, a quilted kimono and even an American flag quilt dating back to 1917.
Some other highlights of the show are a modern quilt titled ``Apples for the Teacher,'' two crazy quilts, a large watercolor quilt and the American flag quilt.
A crazy quilt created with neckties and another showing off wording and wild stitchery lend an air of whimsy to the collection.
Crazy quilts traditionally use silk and wool fabrics and lots of silk-thread embroidery for decoration.
The first section chronologically traces the history of the crazy quilt, including popular crazy quilt themes and the meaning of particular images included in quilts.