crazy quilt

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a patchwork quilt without a design

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The end result will be a crazy quilt of special discriminatory deals benefiting some and burdening others," the airline said.
But for far too long, our national telecom policy, if it can be called that, has been a crazy quilt of outdated laws, conflicting court decisions and contradictory regulatory policies.
But the track action, though interestingly portrayed via a crazy quilt of cutting-edge camera equipment and CGI special effects, projects an obvious kitchen sink, all-over-the-place quality.
There's something hilarious about watching Bana, under a crazy quilt of prison tattoos and a Bridget Jones-load of gained weight, apologize with heartfelt profusion to the bleeding victim his character just brutalized.
The problem is that, as a consumer, it is extraordinarily difficult to compare the different offers each company makes because each company has a crazy quilt of different offers and giveaways,'' he said.
A crazy quilt created with neckties and another showing off wording and wild stitchery lend an air of whimsy to the collection.
But how they do it along Van Nuys Boulevard gives insight into the Valley's crazy quilt of communities.
Part of the initiative menu reflects California's crazy quilt of concerns: Still more special circumstances leading to the death penalty for murder; a ballot battle pitting hunters against environmentalists over the fate of the mountain lion.
The pair arrived hotfoot from Cheltenham with three minutes to spare, having watched their winning crazy quilt colours carried into fourth in the Neptune Investment Management Novices' Hurdle by their Summit Meeting, leading Spooner to declare: "I'd rather have had the winner at Cheltenham and the fourth here
If you look around the state, you will see a crazy quilt of twisted districts that have nothing to do with the communities where people live, and everything to do with protecting incumbents,'' said Bill Mundell, chairman of the committee pushing the measure.
Because the Beavers are a crazy quilt of athletes, assembled less according to any Grand Plan and more because of the reality that confronts third-year coach Jay John:
Her troupe, composed of people of many colors, could be a microcosm of New York City--and she addresses her choreography toward the crazy quilt of city living.
In 1993, a team of General Accounting Office evaluators began studying the crazy quilt of federal democracy programs, and subsequently they divided up the project into portions.
Given that this self-described "mongrel" ("African, French, Irish, Cherokee") has made it his mission not so much to change that civilization as to lead others to see it for the crazy quilt it already is, the answer would have to be no.
And Efstathiou cautions that the velocities of galaxy clusters, gleaned by a crazy quilt of different observational studies, are notoriously difficult to compute -- let alone compile on the same map.