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Synonyms for craziness

Synonyms for craziness

informal terms for insanity

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the quality of being rash and foolish

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A bizarre incident triggers some simmering craziness in the post's chain of command and Miles is in official disgrace.
Pure power, cat-like craziness and a peerless positivity, Cards is the skater that we all wish we were half of.
THE Racing Post dedicated an entire page to the apparent craziness of the BHB for its scheduling of Bath and Newton Abbot as the only two meetings last Tuesday.
The stress of college admissions, the craziness of a first love, the struggle to be accepted by peers, and the pressure of nailing the game's winning shot at the buzzer proves to be all in a day's work for Imani and her crew.
Poaching too heavily from the Cockettes and tasting not quite enough of the sublime icing of genius Jack Smith, most of the gay art children, jettisoning vital Cockette craziness, see only their drugged communal party and forget Smith's venom intelligence, orgiastic vampirism, and glitter-vicious accuracy.
With so little information coming out of the hermit kingdom, policy-makers and the American media tend to spin those few hints we do get into narratives that reinfree the craziness that all glimpses of North Korean behavior suggest to outsiders.
No, this isn't the actual year in which elections will occur (that is another fun-filled year away), but we will soon wish it were to hasten getting through the craziness that awaits us every other year.
Punk" Reichert has finished his tour with fleet F-14 Tomcat squadron VF-104 from the first book, Punk's War (USNIP 2001), in which he has confronted a mix of deployment craziness and personalities, including bombing an Iraqi missile site during Operation Southern Watch.
Filth and craziness were just his ways of getting to her and making her life difficult.
After my conversion to Christianity, I went back to my digs and looked at my record collection and sat there and knew in my heart that a lot of the craziness I'd gotten involved in -- a lot of my rebellion, a lot of my attitudes about sexuality, and all kinds of other issues -- authority, parents, government -- had been influenced by the worldviews that were being communicated through the music I'd been addicted to for so many years.
Y'see, with hail the size of coffee cups, winters so cold your eyeballs near froze, gold making folks sillier than mountain goats, and craziness at times a woman's best protection--we all lost track of what was made up and what was real.
The heart of this modern-day Robinson Crusoe drama about a FedEx employee shipwrecked after a plane crash in the Pacific comes as close as a Hollywood movie has ever done to conveying the loneliness, fear, and sheer craziness of being stranded on a desert island.
WHAT IS THERE ABOUT our wonderful world of sport that brings out the idiot in so many of its devotees -- the craziness that induces people to paint their faces and bare chests, tear down goal posts, attack officials, scream obscenities and demean coaches?
Toward the end, Rosenthal's fiercely kinetic solo appeared to suck all of life's craziness into her body.
Not about God or Deacon Roache, Ian's disease or Bill's hypocrisy or Miss Kaysen's craziness.