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Synonyms for crazy

Synonyms for crazy

Synonyms for crazy

someone deranged and possibly dangerous

affected with madness or insanity

possessed by inordinate excitement

bizarre or fantastic

Related Words

intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with

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Yesterday, Nadhim picked up the second annual gong for the craziest parking ticket from the AppealNow.
The Purple Helmets Wize Prankers Follows on from their last popular release, Total Sh*te, the world's craziest stunt team are at it again on their stunt bikes - the Honda C90 commuter moped.
Kimberlite Pipe or Adonis wins: Then this is the craziest, not to say the absolute worst, bunch of 3-year-olds ever.
Islamabad, July 14 (ANI): Pakistani all rounder Shahid Afridi, who is on a new high after helping his team win the Twenty20 World Cup, has said that he wants to be remembered as the country's craziest cricketer.
A new book, The Parking Ticket Awards, puts Dundee and Edinburgh eighth and 10th respectively in the top ten craziest parking tickets.
I've seen you work your magic in some of the craziest of situations.
Out series creator Ryan Murphy and his cast make Popular one of TV's most inclusive shows and one of the craziest too
The fastest cars, the sleekest bikes, the loudest music, the hottest women, the craziest stunts -- they're all here, in four action-packed and adrenaline-overloaded DVD's covering every aspect of this extreme sport, including car and cycle racing, insane drifting, and burnouts.
I've had some of the craziest nights out of my life at Celtronic over the years - there's just something about that festival and Derry in general which brings the best out of people.
The sloppiness, the reduction of something that had once been the biggest, most sexualized, hottest, craziest fucking thing in the world into this chronology that didn't even mean anything anymore.
Bintley's The Dance House (to Shostakovich) may be the craziest ballet I've ever seen.
In a study carried out recently it emerged that stilton causes the craziest dreams with 75% of men and 85% of women eating the smelly stuff reporting that they experienced vivid and strange dreams.
He believed Hitler's mind would swing towards the latter and he would become the craziest criminal the world ever saw.
Mark was all over the shop, clanking trucks on both fakie rocks and hang ups, but he managed to pull off the craziest moves this side of Daewon.
The craziest gangsters got the most credit for driving Israel out, and won an election.