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Synonyms for crazed

Synonyms for crazed

driven insane

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FURY: Chef threatens Ramsay with knife; SCARY: He grapples with crazed Daniel; COOL IT: Trying to calm down knifeman; SHOCK: Ramsay
Shot off-and-on for the past 15 years as funding sources came and went, ``The Manson Family'' represents some kind of crazed commitment of its own to slobbering cinema of the most relentless, unpleasant sort.
For most of The Crazed, that impending history is no more than an undercurrent to the quiet story of Jian, a Ph.
The rudderless Jian, meanwhile, soon loses his passion for his studies and spends his afternoons parsing his teacher's crazed lectures for truths that might help him chart his own course in life.
Since this paper is devoted to measuring the residual mechanical properties of crazed polycarbonate, a technique to quantify the amount of crazing was developed as described in References 13 and 14.
After being crazed to the desired level, each sample was equilibrated in a small dessicator to 11.
Of course, it doesn't help that a wild, crazed bear almost did get us during her one and only outdoors experience with me nearly 10 years ago, but that's another story.
A recent study (1, 2) has qualitatively assessed the residual mechanical properties of crazed polycarbonate using a new technique to quantify crazing.
The following procedure outlines the general steps to follow to measure the residual mechanical properties of crazed samples.
A typical image of crazed polycarbonate is shown in Fig.
An intense narrow damage band in the center of crazed zone is formed.
5, the optical micrographs of the DN-4PB specimen clearly indicate that a crazed zone is formed in front of the crack tip (Fig.
This sample will, therefore, be used later to study the effect of crazing on the crystal morphology by etching the crazed samples and comparing the resultant structure with Fig.
In some cases, no crazes were observed for the i-PP film that was crazed in the smallest glass cones.
They are: [1][absolute value of u] [much less than] [absolute value of v] in the strip; and [2] v, the Poisson ratio of the crazed matter, equals zero.