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Synonyms for crawly

experiencing a repugnant tingling sensation


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The subject of public supply contracts is the purchase, transportation and installation of the existing exhibition called Creepy Crawly - You are NEVER alone.
Why honor the creepy and the crawly with an interdisciplinary body of analyses?
On Sunday the entertainment complex will host a live creepy crawly event, giving brave youngsters and families the opportunity to get up close and personal with a whole selection of spine-tingling creatures for free.
Go on a creepy crawly hunt in your garden or the local park 5.
Hobbs have latched onto the creepy crawly trend with this offering, at pounds 79.
They can brave the Bat Cave, interact with some live but not-so-scary snakes and spiders, and make their own creepy crawly companions to take home.
After the ants had learned the route, the scientists captured some of the crawly creatures at the feeder.
Anyone who has ever observed it in nature knows how amazing it is when creepy crawly caterpillars transform into graceful butterflies.
Typically, RLS symptoms include sensations of crawly, tingling skin, excessive twitching, and jerking in the legs during sleep.
It was certainly a test of nerve for Michael Bottom (above) when a creepy crawly show came to school.
LaVella over at Gearhead hit the mark again with another wacky themed compilation, this one entitled Thingmaker, named after a toy that allowed you to mold creepy crawly insects and skeletons and stuff, much to yet little sister's chagrin.
Peter already contributes to many charities including our favourite, The Rainbow Trust, which helps parents care for handicapped children and he was only too pleased to pass the creepy crawly experience on to his fellow celebs
In this dead zone nothing survives--no fish, no shrimp, no dolphin, no crabs, no wondrous creepy crawly things from the bottom of the ocean.
To be exact, these creepy, crawly creatures wanted to eat all of Ohio