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Synonyms for crawler

a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage

a person who crawls or creeps along the ground

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The SME crawler excavators from Liebherr are particularly suitable for deployment in excavation and are tailored to the tough operating conditions associated with quarrying.
In addition to eliminating tedious manual testing, Crawler eliminates the high risk of making changes to an IVR when the documentation is incomplete, out of date or missing.
Three American 11320 450-ton crawler cranes will be sold in Salt Lake City, UT
ey can be pointed wherever police want and if necessary they can be moved wholesale - meaning if sex workers and kerb crawlers start frequenting a dierent street the cameras can eectively follow them.
On-board video equipment is also fitted to the crawler to relay detailed analysis of weld seams to inform maintenance teams.
The 160kW telescopic crane boasts a robust crawler chassis that facilitates efficient movement under load, and enhanced onsite manoeuvrability.
Unlike other types of crawler equipment, no vacuum is required to keep it on the surface.
A crawler hardly recognizes these scripts and hence the visits from search engines are not recognized.
The issues facing the nation, said Crawler, originate with a clash between two entities, old school vision and new school perspective.
By contrast, Motes said, his tree crawler, "is on a narrow shaft and you can lean it up against the tree and you can just about go up any tree you want to.
Kobelco is Japan's top manufacturer of crawler cranes, with a roughly 50% share of the domestic market.
Summary: An eight-month old athlete has been christened the fastest crawler in the east after winning a baby race.
It has not always dealt with the kerb crawler as a criminal - but without kerb crawlers, there would be no on-street prostitution.
The undercarriage of the remote-control crawler fits fully under the unit's superstructure, which allows the heavy-gauge steel track skirting to mount flush with the body.
When analyzing a scrap yard's material handling operations, recyclers should consider that electric-powered machines can be mounted on crawler undercarriages.