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a computer program that prowls the internet looking for publicly accessible resources that can be added to a database

a skillet made of cast iron

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All sites are engineered according to strict technical specifications incorporating elements required to achieve maximum recognition by search engines, such as a spidered internal link structure, a directory architecture that incorporates keywords, and a particular balance between Flash content and crawlable text.
The three-acre site features numerous challenging play elements, including a four-story net climb, vinyl mountain, a get-wet water maze, a schooner funship, sand play area, and other crawlable, climbable, explorable places!
From the arts to governmental reports, Invisible Web Catalog is the largest index of its kind with more than 7,000 databases and searchable sources that are not readily found by traditional search engine methods because they are neither indexable nor crawlable, or are in proprietary formats.
Highlights include favorite get-wet activities, a sand play area, air bounces and other crawlable, climbable, explorable places that reach as high as four stories!