crawl space

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low space beneath a floor of a building


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Rossi was apprehended after the Faith Center security guards caught him in the crawl space the evening of March 8, where he'd set a fire earlier that day.
A residential seismic retrofit makes a house more resistant to earthquake activity, such as ground shaking and soil failure, by bolting the house to its foundation and adding bracing around the perimeter of the crawl space.
Every summer, you should give the crawl space the "nose test''; if it smells fine, you are OK.
If the air is warm enough, the furnace acts simply as a fan and circulates the heat to floor registers and the crawl space.
The incentives from CRMP's Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program will help pay for seismic retrofits to houses that are most vulnerable to catastrophic damage: pre-1979 houses that aren't bolted to their foundations, are built atop a crawl space and have unbraced "cripple walls" surrounding that crawl space.
In spring 2003, the homeowner contacted me and said that when the plumber was in the crawl space pressure testing the supply lines, he noted that the soil was quite wet and felt plastic needed to be spread out over the surface.
The Basement Doctor will feature their mold and moisture-resistant basement finishing system Magic Wall, WhiteCap crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair services, and effective waterproofing solutions for your home.
A Lane County Jail inmate who allegedly attacked a sheriff's deputy earlier this month caused another stir at the jail Monday when she tried to escape from custody through a crawl space, police said.
His dedication was evident as he briskly identified rat food sources (grapefruit, garbage cans), nesting (overflowing hedges) and possible entry points to our home (unsealed crawl space vents, roof vents and roof eaves).
Although windows, doors and outside walls contribute to air leakage, the biggest holes are usually hidden from view and connect the house to the attic, crawl space, or basement.
At the same time, a damper on a cool-air conduit in the crawl space beneath the house is opened, as are attic vents.
Parts of the cover above the crawl space basement must be reinforced or replaced.
Most of it was a crawl space that housed the water heater.
The company's expertise in quality basement waterproofing services, said Dunn, is crawl space solutions and foundation repair, as well as its steadfast attention to customer service.
March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- After eight years of living with the foul stench of heating oil in the crawl space of their home, and after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees seeking justice, Lynn Eskenazi and Steve Kritzberg are still waiting at the courthouse door to have their lives, home and peace of mind restored.