crawl space

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low space beneath a floor of a building


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The Detroit Free Press reports the man's attempt sparked a fire Monday that quickly spread from the crawl space to the first floor.
Joseph Dombroski found a crawl space on the third floor of the house where Thompson was hiding.
JES Companies specialises in residential foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and concrete lifting.
giving access to the crawl space, and once Molly had lifted it up to see
We know crawl space repair better than anybody else so there was little chance for us to find someone who knows better than us but we did want to find someone who knew logistics.
What had happened was that the stairs had been partially cut away to create the crawl space and tunnel.
We would also appreciate your thoughts on how best to ventilate/not ventilate the crawl space (between the lower level and garage).
Ten of these racks are placed in a crawl space situated under the office building.
If your home is built over a crawl space or an unheated basement, check the insulation under the floor from below.
Room-by-room restoration descriptions offer solutions for all kinds of issues from sealing an old crawl space to replacing windows.
CRAWL SPACE VENTILATORS automatically circulates fresh outdoor air through crawl space vents.
The rest were inside the house - one in the basement, two in the third-floor living room and two in an upstairs crawl space, said Lt Stacho.
Major requirements and components of correctly designed and constructed unvented crawl spaces include (1) control of surface runoff, (2) foundation drains and damp proofing, (3) a fully sealed air/vapor retarder on the floor and perimeter walls, (4) insulated perimeter walls, and (5) incorporating the crawl space as part of the conditioned space of the house.
Yet those women can let you back in that primal crawl space no more than
Crossover ducts, however, penetrate the belly blanket on each side of the home and travel through the crawl space to deliver air to the side of the home opposite the furnace.