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wanted intensely


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In an instant I guessed that it was a secret exit from the room, and so I paused that he might have an opportunity to negotiate it, for I cared nothing to take the life of this poor servitor--all I craved was a clear road in pursuit of Dejah Thoris, my long-lost princess.
It was all owing to his too affectionate nature, which craved for admiration.
Come, madam," I cried a little nettled, "you know that there is lacking the one thing you craved for most of all.
It was this last habit that gave me the opportunity I craved to capture one of these herbivorous cetaceans--that is what Perry calls them--and make as good a meal as one can on raw, warm-blooded fish; but I had become rather used, by this time, to the eating of food in its natural state, though I still balked on the eyes and entrails, much to the amusement of Ghak, to whom I always passed these delicacies.
They looked upon us yet, to some extent, I knew, as creatures of a lower order, and so as we are unable to place ourselves in the position of the brutes we enslave--thinking that they are happier in bondage than in the free fulfilment of the purposes for which nature intended them--the Mahars, too, might consider our welfare better conserved in captivity than among the dangers of the savage freedom we craved.
He ate burnt flesh when he would have preferred it raw and unspoiled, and he brought down game with arrow or spear when he would far rather have leaped upon it from ambush and sunk his strong teeth in its jugular; but at last the call of the milk of the savage mother that had suckled him in infancy rose to an insistent demand--he craved the hot blood of a fresh kill and his muscles yearned to pit themselves against the savage jungle in the battle for existence that had been his sole birthright for the first twenty years of his life.
I've craved for such a chance as this ever since I set foot in this cursed land.
She craved those adornments of person which she saw every day on the street, conceiving them to be allies of vast importance to women.
She held out her white, slim hand to him, but as he bent his lips over it she whisked away and was gone, leaving in his outstretched hand the very green veil for which poor Peter Terlake had craved in vain.
What it suffered and craved, the poor soul interpreted to itself--it interpreted it as murderous desire, and eagerness for the happiness of the knife.
Craved is a thrilling new adult suspense novel that is partly based on the author's real life experience.
For the study, Andrade and her team asked 119 female college going students what they craved for and how badly.
Some mums even admitted to craving the smell of tree bark and shoe polish, while some claimed to have craved combinations of foods, including bananas with marmite, ice cream and chips and Nutella-topped cheese and onion crisps.
If you've ever craved something, you know that, until you give into it, the desire to have it is not going to stop nagging at you.
moothe She said: "I noticed that those w craved, for example, crunchy sna like crisps and crackers had chro underlying anger issues, and they w taking their anger out on the crun food.