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  • verb

Synonyms for crave

long for


Synonyms for crave

to have a greedy, obsessive desire

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for crave

have a craving, appetite, or great desire for

plead or ask for earnestly

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This ends up creating a cycle by which we crave high fat and sugar foods when we get our period every month".
The Crave Studio scours the world and polls fans to discover actors who resemble the actual book characters so much that they might have well been the inspiration for them.
And, just in case you didn't get your fill, Crave Bistro also features a retail section stocked with gift items and to-go food items including frozen "take-and-bake" casseroles and homemade pimento cheese and chicken salad, sold by the pint.
Illusions, like Crave, can be seen at Volcano in Swansea from Thursday to Saturday, call 01792 464790 for more details.
in eam, amy Our number one food crav chocolate, contains the same chem the brain creates when we feel roman love, meaning women in particu may crave chocolate because it crea the feeling of being loved.
From appealing ideas for quick grab-and-go breakfasts to snacks and international-inspired fare, THE FOOD YOU CRAVE blends color photos with easy variations on high-appeal dishes and will be an attraction for any general-interest library strong in cookbook lending.
It will be argued, however, that current approaches to the conceptualization and measurement of craving do not adequately capture the "subjective experience" of what it is to crave.
Dannon claims the new Crave Control yogurt in its Light & Fit line can fend off hunger with its "unique combination of protein and fiber," trademarked ProteinFiberPlus.
Crave Busters, LLC, Los Angeles, CA, has unveiled Crave Busters, a natural product that curbs cravings for sugar and sugar-based foods.
Crave Entertainment, a publisher of console videogames, has co-published Bad Boys: Miami Takedown with Empire Interactive.
Crave Entertainment Group announced Tuesday that Rob Dyer has been named president and chief operating officer.
Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, a family-owned Wisconsin operation, has added another artisanal cheese to their selection in a nod to the Crave brothers' French-Irish heritage.
Some people have a sensitive response to insulin, lf your body produces more insulin than it needs, or if it produces it inappropriately, you'll crave sugar, refined starches, fruit juice, or alcohol.