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the part of a continent that is stable and forms the central mass of the continent

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Peter Sandstone--A record of eolian and fluvial sedimentation of early Paleozoic cratonic sheet sand: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v.
Regional geology and tectonics; phanerozoic passive margins, cratonic basins and global tectonic maps; v.
The Qm pole of the triangle reflects increasing maturity or stability for detritus derived from the cratonic blocks or recycled through derivative orogenic terrains (Dickinson and Suczek, 1979).
Australian weathering processes and their relations to deep-cover bedrock terrains for exploration (regolith studies), on cratonic areas of South Australia - Eyre Peninsula, Stuart Shelf (Coober Pedy), Lake Eyre Basin, Yilgarn (Southern Cross).
Well-developed flights of terraces typify young, Phanerozic crust and stable low-relief valleys dominate cratonic areas underlain by old crust of Precambrian consolidation (Westaway, 2002; Bridgland and Westaway, 2008b and references therein).
While the asthenosphere into which the cratonic roots extend may sound like taffy into which a toe is dipped, it is not.
More paleomagnetic data and additional geochronological and geochemical constrains from the Jurassic magmatic and sedimentary rocks in the main Andes and the adjacent cratonic region will allow to further understand the tectonic and evolving paleogeography of the Jurassic in the northern Andes and the probable north to south variation of tectonic styles in the margin.
Beard (1999) has also shown lakes developed in valley floors ~100 km inland when river courses became partially obstructed by upwarped or uplifted cratonic blocks to their immediate west, e.
California) present results of an extensive study of Asselian to lower Kungurian colonial Rugosa from shelf carbonates along the cratonic margin of Pangaea, from the Urals to Bolivia, and in those allochthonous terranes of western North America containing CAU corals.
During the post-Tremadocian, from the Hunneberg time of the early Ordovician to the end of the Silurian, Estonia was a part of the northern flank of a shallow cratonic sea (Fig.
However, when one took into account a fact that Central European rock masses are under permanent pushing to the north, towards the bulky East European Platform, a relatively huge and stable body of cratonic Archaezoic and/or Proterozoic crystalline rocks, and moreover that still other high resistance structures in Central European area exist (e.
Vastly more promising for the future are the diamonds of Canada--a country which bestrides the enormous North American cratonic region, and where, given the vastness of the potential ground, exploration still must be said to be in its early stages.
It has been written to provide you with a detailed overview of geologic rift systems, passive margins, and cratonic basins, it features the basic principles necessary to grasping the conceptual approaches to hydrocarbon exploration in a broad range of geological settings globally.