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the part of a continent that is stable and forms the central mass of the continent

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The Western Gawler Craton is vastly under-explored and the area is interpreted to share a similar geological history to the Albany-Fraser belt, in Western Australia, which hosts the Nova-Bollinger nickel-copper deposit.
Karelian Craton, which is the focus of Karelian's exploration
Craton, a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian mineral explorer International Base Metals Limited, has already finalised its Environmental Impact Assessment report and now awaits public feedback next week before applying for a mining licence before the end of this year.
The Congo Craton, covered by the Palaeozoic-to-recent Congo basin, is an ancient Precambrian craton that with four others (the Kaapvaal, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and West African cratons) makes up the modern continent of Africa.
ABM Managing Director, Darren Holden said "Craton Capital is a resource and precious metals specialist with a strong reputation in funds management and we warmly welcome Craton Capital as a shareholder in ABM.
By the 1970s geologists already knew a good deal about craton surface composition and general size.
GridPoint is not only participating in what has emerged as a major market for energy efficiency and conservation, but has actually helped to create the market that exists today," said Bob MacDonald, a Managing Partner of Craton Equity Partners.
2) were carried out between 1998 and 2003, covering much of the Superior craton between 55[degrees]N and the Trans-Hudson Orogen (Fig.
For over thirty years Michael Craton has studied slavery and slave societies in the Caribbean.
Officers believe she merely changed the locks on the house and moved in, said Deputy Robert Craton.
a global leader in software solutions for the professional investment markets, announced that Craton Capital has chosen SatuitCRM as its new integrated Customer Relationship Management system to be used across the firm.
Craton Mining and Exploration, owner of Omitiomire Copper Oxide mine, recently declared that it is in negotiations with Namibian power utility NamPower for a power line to its planned project 140km north-east of Windhoek.
After five years of intensive development, Craton Mining and Exploration says its Omitiomire Copper Project, 140 km northeast of the capital, is showing great potential.
com), the nation's largest consumer reCommerce(TM) service, announced today that Craton Equity Partners (www.
To explore the Victorian fascination with physical differences in people, Craton (English, Lander U.