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Synonyms for crater


Synonyms for crater

a bowl-shaped geological formation at the top of a volcano

a bowl-shaped depression formed by the impact of a meteorite or bomb

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Lunar craters smaller than about 15 km across--such as 13-km Chladni--are commonly flat-floored bowls with smooth walls, looking like they'd been turned on a potter's wheel.
One of the images shows the Holden Crater in the southwest region of Mars.
The second Meteor Crater Experiment (METCRAX II) was conducted in October 2013 at Arizona's Meteor Crater.
The researchers don't think that any truly massive undiscovered craters are still lurking on Earth's surface, but Don McCarthy is not so sure.
My friends who I shall refer to as musketeers, decided to visit a volcanic crater that we had checked out on the Internet.
Researchers have identified 248 new impact sites on parts of the Martian surface in the past decade, using images from the spacecraft to determine when the craters appeared.
While the distribution of brightness was not exactly what we had expected, practically every measurement related to ice and other volatile compounds on the moon is surprising, given the cosmically cold temperatures inside its polar craters.
Substrate contaminants cause craters because the paint does not wet the contaminated area or immediately dewets from it.
Scientists studying a crater in California's Death Valley have determined that not only is it much younger than previously thought, but the conditions that created it could still exist.
Many other craters on Earth are also not visible to the naked eye.
Since early 2010, the Oil & Gas Ministry has been considering development of two of the giant gas craters near the Darvaza crater.
The Gibran crater and 15 other newly named craters were imaged during the mission's first two flybys of Mercury in January and October last year.
The Craters and a third partner ended up living in a house in Waltham.
Moreover the wall separating the two craters is straight.
Although many small craters have formed since then, none so far have been large enough to show up in telescopes.