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Synonyms for crater


Synonyms for crater

a bowl-shaped geological formation at the top of a volcano

a bowl-shaped depression formed by the impact of a meteorite or bomb

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As target rocks respond to increasing impact energy and the downward pull of lunar gravity, the resulting progression of crater morphology toward complexity is not smooth and uniform.
This 85-mile-wide crater lies in the southeast of Mars, and (https://www.
The second Meteor Crater Experiment (METCRAX II) meteorological field campaign was conducted in October 2013 in and around the Barringer Meteorite Crater (also known as Meteor Crater) near Winslow, Arizona (Fig.
The crater glow may indicate that there's a magma or gas extruding.
I turn left toward Nimran and from there I can almost glimpse the volcanic crater which is called Al-Wahba Crater.
The spacecraft mapped Shackleton crater with unprecedented detail, using a laser to illuminate the crater's interior and measure its albedo or natural reflectance.
Substrate contaminants cause craters because the paint does not wet the contaminated area or immediately dewets from it.
The crater was formed when a rising plume of magma encountered a pocket of underground water, resulting in a so called phreatomagmatic explosion.
Where is the crater that is twice the diameter of Glover Bluff located?
The Lunar Crater Remote Observation and Sensing Satellite mission involved deliberately crashing a spent rocket into a crater near the Moon's south pole.
The ministry's technicians are also investigating the water-gas contact within the sub-strata of each crater, and are looking into the possibility of re-entering suspended wells near Darvaza.
Earth s weather quickly erodes a crater s structures, making it difficult to determine how exactly a meteorite struck.
BEIRUT: The International Astronomical Union (IAU) recently approved a proposal from the MESSENGER Science Team to confer the name of Lebanese writer and painter Gibran Khalil Gibran on an impact crater on Mercury, Lebanese media reported on Monday.
Today, Crater and Ferraro work side by side - with a small staff and several thousand volunteers - to grow 25,000 to 40,000 pounds of vegetables a year, all of which go to more than 200 food pantries and other Central Massachusetts programs providing sustenance for those who do not have enough to eat.
Moore, using the 83cm refractor of Meudon Observatory, described a feature inside the crater Cassini A.