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Synonyms for crass

Synonyms for crass

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(of persons) so unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility

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The Mancunian mauler got acquainted with both sides of the man known crassly as 'Money' in 2007, hit with verbal cheap shots in the build-up to their Las Vegas bout and then expertly taken apart in the ring.
Meanwhile, Stifler is up to his old tricks, hankering after one girl he crassly remembers as "the mouth that got away".
He added: "How stupid, how utterly, utterly, crassly, impossibly, ineptly, incompetently, grossly stupid do you say Neil McKenzie would have to be, to believe that by taking a watch and effectively wrapping a wire around.
Local officials are respected and respectful, not crassly partisan, Gillespie said.
In the case of organics, such stereotyping is crassly unfair and feeds a reactionary agenda.
In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (1813), female characters with means are portrayed as crassly vulgar in a way that their male counterparts are not.
Now, many of their fans are old enough for doctors to recommend exams involving that crassly called body part.
Rhyl's relegation may have been crassly celebrated by some this week, but their rivals will certainly feel the pinch without their away fans to swell the gates.
That isn't to say that much of the mindless mayhem isn't crassly enjoyable - it is the perfect park-your-brain-at-the-door Friday night action movie - but just that it never really achieves the right blend of laughs and thrills.
Put too simply and crassly, it was too often more financially advantageous for clubs to field inferior teams and maximize on revenue-sharing.
Meanwhile, after Arsenal's rather easy victory over Celtic last Wednesday in their European Cup second-leg game at The Emirates, a journalist, somewhat crassly, asked the Gunners' manager Arsene Wenger whether he approved of players diving in the penalty box; as Eduardo had done to gain the opening penalty and goal.
It's now a business venue with very rich people, crassly and crudely manipulating the media and its own consumer base to create the illusion of competition as a marketable product, buying and selling stadiums in markets that barely maintain their public schools and roadways so that residents can pretend that games matter more than education and mass transit.
He took a crassly timed gamble with ABN Amro - and collected a whopping bonus for it - laid low the bank he had himself created and shook British banking to its foundations.
Years ago in this column I referred to him, somewhat crassly, as "The Golden Tit".
But perhaps I just want to think of it that way, since another reading is crassly triumphalist.