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Synonyms for crass

Synonyms for crass

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(of persons) so unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility

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Even the makers of the crassest Frankenstein films can see this.
EVEN though he's one of the crassest comics around, Jimmy Carr is still very, very funny.
Some factors are largely beyond the ability of governments to control, but most leaderships in this part of the world have not even begun to try, choosing instead to allow the resources at their disposal to be apportioned by the basest of means for the crassest of ends.
AFTER the world's crassest marriage proposal following France's defeat against Italy, French coach Raymond Domenech has come up with the worst excuse for their exit from Euro 2008.
WERE there to be a contest for the crassest notion of the year the winner by a mile would be the so-called 'Children's Tsar' Sir Al Aynsley-Green.
In the 1970s, Bernstein developed a different tack, one that dispensed with her crassest humor and sloppiest execution and brought her even closer to Lozano, notably to the latter artist's paintings and drawings of tools.
It is as if I were putting forward the crassest of utilitarian arguments, satisfied that one cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.
How do we occupy any space at all when awareness of the individual body is so suppressed and denied and for the crassest of political purposes?
Happily, there was enough of the original show to enjoy including the characters from Damon Runyon - on whose stories the show was based - and Loesser's songs can often survive even the crassest of performances.
In the hands of unskilled writers this didactic tendency appears in its crassest form as tedious denunciations of the fascist past, bathetic declarations of solidarity with the comrades in other socialist lands, or as predictable jibes at the vulgarity of tourists from capitalist countries.
Alan Arkin entertains as the nihilistic grandpa; Abigail Breslin somehow manages to keep her dignity as the 7-year-old girl fixated on winning the world's crassest beauty pageant.
Batman was a syphilitic murderer of the crassest commercial inclination.
It was tokenism of the crassest sort on the part of Paxman, who had evidently let the excitement of the occasion go to his head.
Many saw the Saudi-baiting aspects of Moore's film as its crassest aspect.
And the fact that Robertson, a supposedly Christian leader, would recommend voting for any kind of "evil" is the crassest sort of un-Christian moral relativism.