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Synonyms for crass

Synonyms for crass

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(of persons) so unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility

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I THE final 50 in Betting Shop Manager of the Year are due to be announced on Tuesday, and having sat on the judging panel this week, I sometimes wonder why we bother when reading some of the crasser entries.
Family Guy'' Seth McFarlane's animated comedy, about a father dumber and crasser than Homer Simpson, is resurrected after its phenomenal afterlife on DVD and the Cartoon Network.
Senator Hillary Clinton and Marion Wright Edelman are examples of the crasser sort, but the longtime champion of this approach is the writer and child psychiatrist, Dr.
The cult of the Eternal Now always gains currency when the crasser forms of currency are also gaining; that is, when times are good, when the odds are such that a bet placed on any given moment is likely to produce a winner.
Although some railed at their own bondage and fewer still at the crasser form of bondage visited on the slaves, none seems to have seen her oppression as intrinsically related to that of the slaves.
And, on the crasser side, nudes [can be] dynamic and controversial, and galleries that display them can be seen as `edgy,' which is not an entirely bad thing.
Imagine how limited the appeal of some of the crasser recreations of history--say, The Patriot--would be if both academics and the general public were committed not only to resurrecting the past more equitably but also to maintaining a healthy scepticism about what they come up with.
Machiavelli's The Prince was an upmarket example--he included a chapter on "How Flatterers Should be Avoided"--but Stengel prefers a crasser work called The Courtier by Castiglione, first printed in 1528.
Why not acknowledge, straight out, that Willis was ahead of him on this one, and that the critique of the crasser manifestations of identity politics was well advanced--by a feminist--before he ever got to it?
L'impertinence et l'irreverence qui l'ont fait crasser dans les "precurseurs des Lumieres" ne manqueraient pourtant pas de decevoir qui voudrait trouver en lui un contempteur de l'absolutisme et un reformateur.
A need to reexamine the product Hawaii tourism offers its gusts--an ongoing worry, heightened by increased marketing efforts, that Hawaii may be calling tourists to a crasser Waikiki, and to neighbor islands whose infrastructure is still insufficient for visitor needs.
In crasser terms, females are socialized to get along in society, and males are socialized to get ahead," he says.
Traumatized by the Soviet crackup, China's leaders had been asking what lessons were to be learned--or, in crasser terms, how they could avoid the fate of Soviet bloc leaders.
A tad crasser and pushier than its predecessor, "Ice Age: The Meltdown" is still an entirely serviceable follow-up to the 2002 hit that will thoroughly amuse kids and get a rise or two out of parents as well.
The network, owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, launched in April 1987 with a two-night schedule of shows that were louder, crasser and more overtly sexy than those on NBC, CBS and ABC.