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Synonyms for crass

Synonyms for crass

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(of persons) so unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility

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Bulldozing his way through the revered grandfathers of punk, he writes: 'let's face it, the Pistols were no more than the Spice Girls of their day, glitzy, cheap and, dare I say it, downright crass.
Crass Struggle definitely provides a splash, a warning particularly to those enmeshed in a "pathetic emulation of upper crust ostentation.
Crass Routes says: "We are not trying to convey a particular message.
Dennis Crass becomes Natl Sls Mgr with responsibility for all U.
The result," writes Donor #15, who supports a fully open market, "is a bizarre juxtaposition of crass commerce and high rhetoric, of conceptions cooked up in a lab to fill a demand for natural childbirth and an industry selling illusion along with DNA.
The discussion centres on the production and use of urban space under the conditions created by the conflict, including, for example, the so-called security fence, urban enclaves, exclaves, the approach to monuments and no-man's-land, and the instrumentalisation of infrastructures, which leads to the crass juxtaposition of highly developed and impoverished urban spaces.
Chris Crass, an antiracist organizer who's come to New Orleans, says that now the challenge is to "put in political education as a vital part of all of this.
After a while I got into heavier political bands like Crass and Flux of Pink Indians.
Increasingly the courts are seeing these as separate issues," says Danny Baker, Director of Operations and Education for Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, adding that even when sexual orientation is not a protected crass, gender-based claims are often recognized.
It was a comedy without jokes: instead he created characters that embodied contradictions, both volatile and vulnerable, crass and sensitive, belligerent and insightful.
It doesn't just tarnish science, it's going to expose science to the charge of crass commercialism," McGee added.
The plot concerns a Queens construction worker, Nick Murder (James Gandolfini), whose wife (Susan Sarandon) catches him having a lusty affair with a crass lingerie-shop employee (Kate Winslet).
Billy Bob Thornton is the crass coach who works to lead his Little League of misfits to victory.
Her subjects act in the crass manner one by now expects of the Hollywood upper crust--Evans is shaved by his topless girlfriend; Ratner sticks his ass in the camera lens--and their boorishness is compounded by the abundance of cliches with which the filmmaker surrounds them: the Xanax, the Botox, the teeth whitening, the tanning beds.
Tigerbeat6), his second solo outing under his Soft Pink Truth moniker, Daniel revisits his punk roots--and still gets his signals crossed, transforming classics by the hard-core-punk genre bands Crass and Minor Threat into herky-jerky synth-pop jams.